AWS Cloud Application Development

Today, Cloud Computing application has become the largely used application by large enterprises as well as SMBs that allows them to store all their business-critical data on the cloud while maintaining the confidentiality. AWS in this aspect, has revolutionized the way companies think about cloud, bringing about a wave of change by removing the roadblocks to entry for enterprises who want to take their applications online, in an easy and cost-effective way. Because of the cost advantages offered by AWS, enterprises of all sizes starting from Fortune 500 to startups are utilizing its benefits for their infrastructure needs.

Aarisha provides application development services on AWS, offering cloud computing solutions on various models such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Aarisha is determined on making cloud work for organizations worldwide and provide application development services on AWS which is one of the leading cloud platform providers today. We provide managed services for cloud and are experts in AWS Cloud Automation, deployment, cloud provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling and monitoring your app ensuring your application get pushed into the cloud seamlessly. We have been implementing projects in cloud technology since many years and have delivered several applications that are hosted on AWS.

Programming Build and Integration Support

AWS provides scalable platform, integration, development and deployment support to web centric programming languages like Ruby, NodeJS, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python and more. It also provides platforms like Elastic Bean Stalk to build and run this code.

Fully Controlled Scale-Up and Scale-Down

Cloud applications require a mechanism to scale up and down as web traffic increases or decreases, thereby making it flexible and dynamic in nature. AWS-ECS, Autoscaling, and AWS-EKS provide full-featured functionality to address dynamic scalability in a cloud native stack.

Notification, User Authentication and Message Queuing

AWS SNS helps to coordinate the delivery of push notifications for apps, to either subscribing endpoints, or clients. AWS SQS is a message queuing system that helps developers de-couple as well as scale distributed systems, serverless apps, and microservices that are deployed on cloud native stacks. AWS Cognito facilitates the control of user authentication on the cloud native stack.

Cost Effective Storage and Secured Network Layer Support

Cloud Native Applications require storage and network capability that is mutable and flexible in nature. AWS S3 storage helps to provide online backup as well as archive data and application programs. AWS VPC, Subnets, and Elastic IP help to build flexible network segmentation over cloud space to keep it secure and safe from external non-authorized access.

Fault-Tolerant Microservices

Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) is a highly scalable, high-performance container orchestration service that supports Docker containers that enable run and scale containerized cloud applications on the cloud native stack. It is containers without servers making it secure and cost effective. In addition, Amazon EKS runs the Kubernetes management infrastructure across multiple availability zones to eliminate a single point of failure.

Programming Build and Integration Support

AWS also offers CodeDeploy, CodeCommit and CodePipeline to manage code in the cloud native stack. CodeDeploy helps to deploy code at scale, with a focus on rapid development and rapid deployment in mission-critical situations where the cost of failure is high. Code Commit is a managed revision control service that hosts Git repositories and works with all Git-based tools and Code Pipeline is used to model and automate software release process on the cloud native stack.

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