Test Automation

One of the important feature of test automation is to understand what areas can be automated.

Our testing tool expertise significantly reduces your testing cycle time. Re-usability of scripts and extending tool capability by smart scripting are some of the key attributes of this approach. Our test automation services are designed to derive the maximum benefit from your testing tool investment. We offer :


Our scripting experts will develop the test scripts for you. Our knowledge of scripting for industry standard tools combined with our capabilities to extend the capabilities of your testing tool ensures that you derive maximum benefit from your test tool investments.

Test Execution / Regression testing

We help you to quickly and efficiently execute the test cases - whether you are looking for a solution to execute a large number of test cases or just looking to quickly execute complex scripts.

Script Maintenance

We analyze the long-term impact of maintaining automated test scripts in a constantly changing environment and prepare a script maintenance strategy with a clear focus on reducing the script maintenance effort.

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