Project Audit

The project audit assesses the overall health of the project rather than just the source code, cost figures, etc.

Project Audit broadly covers:

  • Auditing the financial performance and financial reporting of projects
  • Auditing conformance to project management and other rules, standards and guidelines.

Our objective is to assess project information before, during or at the close of a project to determine what will make (or has made) the project successful.

The auditor performs the audits by examining the project-related documentation and by interviewing appropriate personnel.

Depending on the project's life cycle, two or more of the following four types of project audits can be performed.

  • Pre-Audit
  • Mini-Audit
  • Full Audit
  • Post Project Audit

Once the findings are prepared and reviewed, a detailed action plan is developed for implementation by the audited project's manager.


  • Independent evaluation of project management performance
  • Identification of project management related risks for new or active projects
  • Specific action plan for each audited project
  • Improved likelihood of project success

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