Oracle Identity Analytics

Oracle Identity Analytics provides role-based access controls and identity-based controls automation solutions. This product helps enterprises meet their regulatory compliance and security challenges.

Oracle Identity Analytics presents a matrix of not just who has access to enterprise-wide systems and applications, but whether that access was assigned correctly. A drill down further shows exactly howthat access is being used. It is a complete 360 degree view of a user's interaction with enterprise applications and systems.


Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) can satisfy even the most complex customer role and attestation requirements. OIA is an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform for defining, engineering and managing roles. With OIA customers can:

  • Perform identity certification and conduct automated periodic access certifications
  • Flexibly define and maintain access policies based on organization or user attributes
  • Schedule proactive and detective Separation of Duties scans
  • Easily manage identity risk and compliance with customizable dashboards and reports

Aarisha can help you determine whether OIA could benefit your organization and if so, deploy it with confidence.

We can implement an identity and role management system based on OIA alone or incorporated with Oracle Identity Manager. The latter results in an integrated solution that delivers end-to-end role-based provisioning along with robust certification and role management. Our experienced engineers and business analysts can help you tailor an OIA architecture to meet your specific organizational needs.

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