Oracle Webcenter Social

Aarisha Inc. will assist your organization to drive enterprise collaboration using fully integrated social media tools including blogs, wikis, ratings, tagging, reviews, polls, and forums. Leveraging social enterprise building blocks will assist end users to build effective and collaborative communities.

WebCenter Social has its own internal architecture, file store and activity stream paradigm. WebCenter Social uses "gadgets" to provide integration and injection of features into other applications. These gadgets are Google Open Social gadgets.

We help you assess and then suggest a transformation road map to deploy Oracle WebCenter, to enable your organization to transform into a social business quickly and cost effectively. We help you choose which combination of products from Oracle's extensive WebCenter Suite fit your business needs. And then build the foundation that lets you integrate and customize your applications at lower cost and risk, while extending the value of your IT investments.

We can deliver with Oracle WebCenter on an exceptional user experience that fulfills social business needs like:

  • Improve business productivity by creating an intuitive user experience
  • Rapidly develop with Oracle's comprehensive user experience platform- Oracle WebCenter
  • Quickly create dynamic, appealing portals and Web sites

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