Testing & QA

Aarisha's professional testing teams all over the world are able to provide the most qualified testing outsourcing services for our clients from anywhere of the world. Onsite, Offshore, Near-Shore engagement model of Beyond soft testing center enable our seamless co-operation of testing planning & engineering, testing execution, testing consulting and technical support with our clients to fulfill our client's needs.

Our teams have developed an adaptable testing methodology with a life- cycle model consisting of distinct phases. Each phase has well-defined inputs and outputs, with test activities planned for every development activity that produces the final work product. The purpose of the test activity is to determine whether the objectives of a developement activity have been met and the deliverable meets the requirements.

We combine unmatched expertise, innovative methods, and proven tools with deep client focus to ensure that your quality initiatives achieve the highest success.

Through our superior teams of QA professionals, process improvement expertise and pragmatic approaches to software testing, our QA and Testing Services help you realize the return on investment of your applications initiatives. We've also got the performance testing and profiling tools you need to find bottlenecks before your customers do.

Our capabilities include:

  • Functional Testing: Functional Testing Methodology is well structured and easily adaptable. It introduces testing early in the software development life cycle (SDLC) to identify defects at the outset.
  • Non-Functional Testing: Non-functional refers to aspects of the software that may not be related to a specific function or user action such as scalability or security. It requires the testing of a software application or system for its non-functional requirements, the way a system operates, rather than specific behaviours of that system.
  • Performance Benchmarking: Benchmark testing is the process of load testing a component or an entire end to end IT system to determine the performance characteristics of the application. The benchmark test is repeatable in that the performance measurements captured will vary only a few percent each time the test is run. This enables single changes to be made to the application or infrastructure in an attempt to determine if there is a performance improvement or degradation.
  • Testing Tools: Tools improve reliability, reduce turnaround time and increase ROI. There are various types of tools that assist in diverse testing activities ranging from requirements capturing to test management. Selection of tools is totally based on the project requirements. Tools may have some limitation in the features list of the product, so it's totally based on what are you looking for and is that your requirement fulfill.
  • Test Automation: Our end-to-end test automation services enable you to define and build enterprise test automation frameworks, implement test automation frameworks, migrate test automation tools and script automated test scripts.

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