Data Warehouse

Aarisha has developed a systematic approach towards building a flexible delivery model that ensures smooth and successful implementation of data warehouse solutions to meet the business requirements of the customers.

Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment ensures that your data warehouse starts off on the right foot.

Checkpoint Reviews

Checkpoint Reviews are appropriate whether you are in the midst of an initial implementation or sustaining a mature data warehouse.

Business Analysis Requirements

The business's requirements impact almost every decision made during the course of a data warehouse implementation.

Dimensional Modeling

Successful data warehouse implementations rest on the foundation of a dimensional model to deliver both ease-of-use and query performance.

Dimensional Model Design Review

Aarisha consultants will review the business requirements and the existing schema, identify issues likely to emerge during implementation, and recommend changes to the dimensional model.

Data Integration Assessment

Most data warehouse projects strive to deliver integrated data which supports decision makers throughout the organization. It is recommended to couple the organizational desire with a proven approach and framework (data warehouse bus architecture).

Architecture Design/Review

The data warehouse technical architecture is a formal specification describing how the warehouse system will be organized. A good architecture has loosely couples components, allowing for the replacement of one part without major disruption of other connected parts.

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