Business Activity Monitoring

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring(BAM) real time insight in operational intelligence or 'right' time intelligence as named by Oracle. BAM relates mainly to the governance type of information but also provides some aspects of operational and tactical information.

Oracle BAM provides a framework for the followings:

  • Creating dashboards that display real-time data inflow
  • Creating rules to send alerts under specified conditions
  • Designing web applications with graphs displaying active data

Oracle BAM consists of several components:

  • Real Time Data Streaming- feeds data into Oracle BAM.
  • Oracle BAM Server
  • Oracle BAM Web Applications - users build Oracle BAM schema, dashboards and alerts.
  • Oracle BAM Data Control - developers create ADF pages with active data content.
  • ICommand - command-line tool for manipulating the Oracle BAM schema, dashboards, and reports.

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