Database Administration

Aarisha DBA service covers major vendors like Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Informix, Sybase and MySQL on various platforms.

We provide part-time DBA work to full Oracle outsourcing. Whether you need onsite DBA or Remote DBA, full time or part-time, we're happy to customize our services based on your needs.

Database Management

Database architecture and design, installations, enhancements, patches, monitoring, database rebuilding, backup/recovery, RAC (Real Application Clusters), replication, capacity planning, production support, development support, troubleshooting.

Database Analysis and Design

User requirements, database functionality, logical and physical design, data modeling.

Performance Tuning

Improving response time, eliminating bottlenecks, increasing scalability, reducing hardware and software costs, working with developers to improve the performance of SQL and PL/SQL.

Database Mentoring

We are happy to provide mentoring and training to bring your internal resources up to the level you require.

Remote DBA

  • Full Database Administration Outsourcing 24/7 support of database environments and operating systems, including monitoring, tuning, maintenance, all using service levels that you define.
  • Supplemental Database Support We will work with your team to support some of your databases, or we can provide off-hours support to lessen the work load for your team.
  • Database Assessments We provide numerous point assessment of databases that can point out overlooked issues deep within your database environments that may be causing poor performance and slowing down your operations.
  • 24/7 Database Monitoring We provide low-cost monitoring and maintenance contract.
  • Database Project Work Specialized projects require specialized knowledge. Our team can handle some of the most complicated projects such as Oracle 9i or 10g upgrades, DB2 8.1 upgrades, SQL 2000 upgrades, clustering, RAC implementations, and Oracle Apps upgrades.

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