Administration services provides installation, management, and support for servers running the Linux and Windows operating systems. Services include system and software installation, configuration, management, patching, backups and recovery planning, and troubleshooting and responding to incidents.

The tasks of Aarisha Inc's Administration include:

  • System Administration :
    • Linux System Administration
    • Red Hat System Administration
    • HP-UX System Administration
    • Unix System Administration
    • Solaris System Administration
    • Windows System Administration
  • Network Administration :
    • In Network Administration Services, we provide technical and operational support for client networks to identify appropriate technologies and make intelligent hardware and software decisions.
    • We ensure network services are optimally designed, configured and supported to achieve high availability and functionality.
    • Participate to improve network services and develop procedures to support newly implemented technologies.
  • Database Administration :
    • Aarisha provides secure database administration services for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and Cloud database environments.
    • Aarisha is dedicated to providing a database support solution tailored to your company's needs with our customized service level agreements.
    • Aarisha delivers 100% of your database administration needs through faster problem resolutions and response times.
  • Application Server Administration :
    • Aarisha's Application Server administration includes many tasks such as deploying applications, creating and configuring domains, server instances and resources; controlling (starting and stopping) domains, managing profiles and clusters, monitoring and managing performance, and diagnosing and troubleshooting problems.
    • Aarisha provides services in major products like Oracle Application Server, IBM WebSphere, BEA Weblogic, MS IIS, & JBoss.
  • Messaging System Administration :
    • Messaging System is an extensible framework of co-operative modules that creates an enterprise-wide, open standards-based, scalable electronic message handling systems.
    • This system is the combination of message user, message transfer agents, message stores, and message access units that together provide electronic messaging.
  • Mainframe Support Services :
    • Our Mainframe Support Services focus on the more technical aspects of the environment such as: DBA, Performance/Capacity Management, Technical Project Management, Application performance, Batch/Online performance improvements, Disaster Recovery, etc.
    • Our Mainframe Support Services Offering can provide a scalable solution that is always there. Our depth of resources - highly skilled and dependable, work as a team to support you and your ever changing business needs.

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