Oracle Identity Federation

Oracle Identity Federation allows users of Oracle Identity Management products and customers new to the Oracle technology stack, to engage in business associations across heterogeneous environments using various sources of user authentication.

Features and Benefits of Oracle Identity Federation

Oracle Identity Federation is a standalone, self-contained federation server that enables single sign-on and authentication in a multiple-domain identity network. Oracle Identity Federation supports multiple federated identity protocols including the Liberty ID-FF, OpenID, and SAML protocols. This allows users to federate in heterogeneous environments and business associations, whether or not they have implemented other Oracle Identity Management products in their solution set.

Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) projects provide our clients with a quick time to value and visible benefits by extending single sign on capabilities outside of corporate boundaries. Aarisha Inc. has an extensive amount of hands-on experience working with SAML and other federated identity protocols and has enabled clients with both Identity (IdP) and Service Provider (SP) capabilities using OIF. In addition, many federation projects have required us to integrate with non-Oracle Access Management systems and disparate application infrastructures, giving us the background necessary to contend with truly heterogeneous environments.

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