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Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is the essential catalyst for cloud computing. As the virtualization leader, Aarisha builds on this solid foundation with platforms and solutions to power your cloud infrastructure build and run robust cloud applications and supply end-user computing as a cloud-based service.

Our approach is comprehensive, but unlike other cloud offerings, it's not one-cloud-fits-all. To deliver competitive advantage, cloud computing must be flexibly tailored and aligned to your individual needs. For your enterprise, that could mean a cloud thats internal and private, one that leverages external services or a hybrid cloud that combines both.

We have extensive experience operating in virtualized environments, including VMware allowing clients to maximize their investments in server hardware by consolidating multiple server roles as separate virtual machines and operating different operating systems in parallel on a single server. Virtualization is a growing trend in information technology management, providing increased efficiencies by sharing and allocating computer processing power and centralizing administrative tasks while improving scalability and workloads.

Features & Benefits

Customers can leverage our expertise and experience to quickly realize the benefits of server consolidation and virtualization and ensure a successful transformation of their environment.

Virtualization technologies can help address a number of growing concerns organizations are facing today including:

Server consolidating & provisioning - With greater demand on IT to solve business challenges, data centers quickly fill to capacity, and each new server purchase increases capital and operating expenditures as well as power and cooling costs.

Application deployment - Considering that most enterprises support hundreds, if not thousands, of applications, IT is constantly challenged with deploying new software, upgrades and patches.

Business continuity planning & disaster recovery - As every enterprise knows - typically from first-hand experience - hardware and software failures, natural disasters, and even planned maintenance result in downtime that can bring business to a halt.

Lower TCO, Higher ROI - As conventional wisdom notes, virtualization saves money. But depending how extensively you implement virtualization, you can achieve much greater savings than most people realize. An end-to-end virtualization strategy can maximize your investments and lower the cost of ownership across your IT infrastructure.

Virtualizing Enterprise Applications

Applications run better virtualized and this is especially true for business-critical applications. With vSphere, you can meet your service levels while simplifying your infrastructure, maximizing efficiency and eliminating costly over-provisioning. You can even set up a standardized service catalog to provision applications on demand in minutes. Thousands of software providers strongly endorse and support deploying their applications on the vSphere platform, including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and IBM.

This approach to Java virtualization also delivers new levels of business agility. IT can provision new applications to more cost-efficient hardware without requiring new hardware or new versions of software, so what would typically take days or weeks can now take just minutes or hours. Because provisioning virtual machines is dramatically faster than provisioning physical servers, IT can bring new applications online more quickly, addressing the evolving needs of existing applications in near-real time, all with minimal effort.

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