Cloning Oracle Applications Environments

Cloning Oracle Applications 11i instances can be a daunting task. Developers are constantly asking for refreshes of both the database and code trees. With the advent of Oracle Applications 11i and its myriad port numbers, meeting cloning schedules can be challenging to say the least.

Cloning Oracle Fusion Middleware

We can clone a Middleware home and certain Oracle Fusion Middleware components, such as Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Virtual Directory. Some situations in which cloning Oracle Fusion Middleware is useful are:

  • Creating a Middleware home that is a copy of a production, test, or development environment. Cloning enables you to create a new Middleware home with all patches applied to all of the Oracle homes and the WebLogic Server home in a single step. This is in contrast to separately installing and applying any patches to the WebLogic Server home and separate Oracle home.
  • Preparing a "gold" image of a patched Middleware home and deploying it to many hosts.

Cloning Oracle Database

Cloning databases can be slow, painful, and requires lots of disc space. Not any more. We can use copy-on-write technology to create as many independent clones as you want, all based on one backup of the source database. Creating a clone takes minutes, no matter how big the database is. The space used by each clone is only the space needed to record changes made within the clone.

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