OLAP / Business Intelligence

The need for adopting Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for analysing corporate data and making better informed decisions has been widely acknowledged in the past few years by organisations across all industry sectors. The clear benefits that a BI solution can deliver, such as Increased Productivity, Reduction of Total Operational Costs and Enablement of New Strategic and Operational Capabilities, have now been proven by a growing number of organisations. The Return On Investment that can be achieved through a BI implementation has now become a fact rather than a leap of faith.

  • Analysis of current and future business requirements from both IT and user perspective
  • BI environment health-checks to ensure optimum use of the chosen technology

On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology can be applied to solve majority of the reporting problems faced by organizations. We develop OLAP reports that allow users to:

  • Recombine report dimensions at will, drill down to lower-level totals and drill through to detail records
  • Develop hierarchical budget tracking reports that make it easy to isolate the cause of high-level variances by drilling down to details
  • Transform your accounting or operations data into multi-dimensional that are accessed via OLAP pivot tables in Microsoft Excel or Internet Explorer.
  • Import information from a variety of databases and files into a central data warehouse

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