Functional Testing

Functional testing services are geared to verify and validate if the software application or product under test conforms to all functional specifications. Our functional testing services are specifically tailored and designed to suit our customer's needs and can be used at any stage of the software development life cycle.

Our team of functional testing experts can use both white box and black box testing techniques and ensure that there are no S1 and S2 bugs after three cycles of testing.

Our range of functional testing services include:

Unit testing and Code walkthrough

They are aimed at extracting the obvious coding errors. We look for problems with loop termination, simple internal parameter passing, proper assignment statements, simple recovery routine logic and errors in functions and subroutines.

Functionality Testing

This ensures that your business applications function according to its design and functional specifications. We test applications that are n-tier, client/server, or Web-based. The focus is on validating the feature of an entire function or a component of your application

Regression Testings

The following strategies are the most commonly used for regression testing:

  • Rerunning the test cases that have a higher risk of failure
  • Running the entire test suite
  • Exploratory or ad-hoc testing
  • Reduction in test cycle using automation

Our independence and exclusive focus on software verification and validation allows us to report maximum bugs early in the testing cycle. Defects are tracked using industry standard defect-tracking tools and detailed test metrics are provided at the end of each test cycle for evaluation purposes.

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