HA Database Clusters(RAC)

High availability planning involves identifying which databases need to be continuously operational no matter what happens. The next step is choosing technologies that will protect your data and allow it to remain online with little to no downtime.

Aarisha's data experts will consider all your requirements - acceptable downtime, critical applications, recovery time targets, service level commitments and provide recommendations to ensure your data is available when and where it's needed. We can help your staff implement the technologies or do it for you. Either way, you will have a solution that is customized to your business needs.

Having high availability in place allows your databases to remain operational in case of failure, whether it's a hardware issue or within your data center. Your high availability strategy allows your databases to remain online during many kinds of planned maintenance. Aarisha's expertise in high availability planning and technologies means your data can be available within only minutes, seconds, or with zero downtime.

Oracle High Availability (RAC) Implementation

Many businesses today require 99.99% availability for their enterprise applications and they expect immediate response times. An Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment provides this highly available, high performing, scalable environment. [High Availability (RAC) Implementation]

With Oracle RAC, multiple instances running on multiple nodes can access the same database residing on shared storage. If one node goes down, the database and application will continue to run. If the performance is an issue, another node can be added to the cluster and the application can be load balanced across all of the available nodes.

Whether the goal is high availability, scalability or ease of maintenance, the team of Oracle consultants at Aarisha Inc. provides the expert assistance to identify your needs, and then design and implement your optimal RAC solution. Our consultants have worked with many High Availability technology solutions: Oracle 9i, 10G,11G and 12C RAC, Oracle Parallel Server, Veritas Cluster Volume Manager and hardware clustering on Dell, Sun, HP, DEC and Microsoft platforms. We provide "best practice" RAC implementations at the database level and the operating system level.

Some of our RAC best practice implementation services include:

  • Installing the operating system on each cluster node
  • Preparing each server for RAC: configuring kernel parameters, setting up the Oracle user environment, creating startup scripts, etc.
  • Configuring the network for the cluster Installing & configuring Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS)
  • Installing & configuring Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
  • Installing the Oracle Cluster Ready Services software (CRS)
  • Installing the Oracle database software
  • Creating & configuring the Oracle database
  • Implementing backup & recovery procedures
  • Providing complete system documentation.

Oracle Real Application Clusters Support

Aarisha Inc. offers expert level support services for Remote Oracle RAC Clusters, enabling clients to take advantages of Oracle "High Availability" (HA) concept while maintaining transparent failover features. Aarisha Inc. utilizes Oracle HA feature for creating an effective Oracle Real Application Cluster support system.Since large Oracle RAC databases are difficult to manage in a 24 x 7 x 365 running environment, Oracle RAC specialists take special care while offering their database administration services.

Aarisha Inc. exemplifies its expertise and in-depth knowledge while maintaining your Oracle RAC database servers. Oracle RAC DBA support services provided by Aarisha Inc. include management of regular and ongoing database administration tasks as well as special tasks such as modification of the Oracle RAC environment by adding or deleting the nodes. Aarisha Inc. remote DBA team will provide you high value services in maintaining and managing Oracle RAC databases.

Remote RAC Oracle Database Services provided by Aarisha Inc. include:

  • Administration and Deployment of Oracle RAC.
  • Administration of Oracle Clusterware components.
  • Addition and Deletion of Nodes & RAC Instances.
  • Workload Management & Administering Services.
  • High Availability Using Oracle Clusterware.
  • Oracle RAC Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning of Databases.
  • Oracle RAC Database Backup and Recovery Solutions.
  • Automated Monitoring of Oracle RAC Servers. Oracle Tuning Reports.
  • RAC Servers Trend Reports.
  • Oracle RAC Database Planning Reports.
  • Automated Alerts for Oracle RAC Critical Issues.

At Aarisha Inc., Oracle RAC database specialists team possess solid understanding of latest technology involving Oracle RAC installation, configuration and trouble-shooting strategies. Aarisha Inc. provides real-time application transparency and carry out fail over configuration to ensure implementation of Real Application Cluster concept. Aarisha Inc. team is adept in Disaster Recovery planning and in deployment of backup solutions that help maintain "High Availability" feature of Oracle RAC.By deploying RAC Data Guard, Aarisha Inc. provides reliable remote RAC configuration services.

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