Grid Control

Grid Control is a toolset that was initially designed to manage databases and application servers.

It can manage multiple instances of Oracle deployment platforms; the most recent edition also allows for management and monitoring of other platforms such as Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, NetApp Filers, BEA WebLogic and several other hardwares and softwares. IT organizations can build extensions to Oracle Enterprise Manager and make them available to other Enterprise Manager users via Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g and 11g Grid Control Extensions Exchange.

Our Oracle certified consultants have experience with Oracle Grid Control. Aarisha's DBAs have complete knowledge and understanding of the various components involved in the setup and configuration. We can install Grid Control and set up various thresholds for alarms and alerts using our years of experience and knowledge about the applications like PeopleSoft, Lawson and other ERP packages.

With the use of Grid Control, Aarisha can quickly identify and correct performance bottlenecks. Using Grid Control, we have helped identify and resolve performance issues in a timely fashion. Grid Control's web enabled features provides a distinct advantage when addressing and resolving issues.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control

Build a robust Grid computing infrastructure with guidance and implementation services from Aarisha's Oracle expert team which allows for detailed monitoring and reporting of any Oracle Server product.

Below are few of the several advantages of using Grid Control:

  • Proactive warnings about impending database and operating system issues
  • Increased system uptime and performance mitigates risk
  • Both real-time and historical reporting on system performance and uptime - (this is a key feature of Grid Control as compared to Oracle Enterprise Manager which only reports on real-time statistics)
  • Scheduling function can be used to execute both database- and operating system-level jobs
  • Database manipulation tasks (expand a tablespace, fail over to a standby instance, etc) can be done via the Grid Control console.

Aarisha offers following services for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control:

  • Prepare infrastructure hosts for Grid Control rollout
  • Install the Oracle management repository, service and agents
  • Select the Grid Control installation options that fit organization needs
  • Discover and manage host, database and application server targets
  • Set target metrics and policies according to best practices
  • Optimize performance and availability of Grid Control framework
  • Secure the Grid Control framework to protect data transmitted between components

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