Tools and Techniques

Aarisha's technical team master a comprehensive set of tools and technologies during project development. A topic-oriented structure is provided below.

Product planning and innovation

Quality planning, Product innovation, Software analysis, architecture and design, Brainstorming, Mind-Map, Design patterns, UML tools and techniques, Database modeling tools

Project management

Project planning and management, Effort estimation, Risk identification, evaluation and minimization, Reporting and monitoring, Software development methodologies


Programming languages, Technologies, libraries and frameworks, Web Services, Web technologies, Content management system, Messaging middleware, IDE, Versioning Control, Build Tools, Network protocol and data security, Database and data storages, Applications and web servers, Cloud Computing, Sales force management

Web and graphic design

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, DreamWeaver, Corel Draw, FSI Web Catalogue Creator


Installation testing, Functional testing, Load testing, Performance profiling, Data integrity testing, Sanity testing, Regression testing, Automated testing, etc

Testing tools and frameworks, Unit testing, Issue Management

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