Software as a Service

SaaS solution is known as Oracle Cloud Applications. These cloud based applications offer differentiated, industry-specific, products and services with varying deployment options for standardized functionality. The marketplace offers anything from adaptive intelligence to Internet of Things Applications. Oracle Cloud Applications provides a product portfolio meant to address different business needs among varying industry verticals.

Aarisha's Software-as-a-service is bringing about a fundamental shift in how Software is acquired, used, and paid for. Emerging SaaS models and offerings are taking the SaaS concept far beyond first-generation application functionality and deployment, and into mission-critical business operations for large and small firms.

Software as a service delivery has two major categories:

  • Line-of-business services offered to enterprises and organizations of all sizes.

Line-of-business services are often large, customizable business solutions aimed at facilitating business processes such as finances, supply-chain management, and customer relations. These services are typically sold to customers on a subscription basis

  • Consumer-oriented services offered to the general public.

Consumer-oriented services are sometimes sold on a subscription basis, but are often provided to consumers at no cost, and are supported by advertising. Be it business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) focus, Aarisha understands the complexities of developing and delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) in a multi-vendor environment.

Moving from offering on-premise to software as a service requires software vendors to shift their thinking. The three interrelated areas of SaaS consulting are:

Business model consulting:

Selling SaaS is like pitching a new model of engagement it is something like selling mobile phone ring tones, or downloadable music-it should be possible for a customer to visit the website, subscribe to service, pay with a credit card, customize the service, and begin using it, all without human intervention on the part of the vendor. This doesn't mean eliminating the more personal approach as may be needed for larger customers with more extensive needs but it is essentially ease of use.

Changing the business model could involve one or more of the following:

  • Shifting the ownership of the software from the internal teams to an external provider.

  • Reallocating responsibility for the technology infrastructure and management that is, hardware and professional services from the business to the provider.

  • Reducing the cost of providing software services, through specialization and economy of scale.

Aarisha's SaaS business consulting team can help you in devising innovative business models and educating customers in making business and delivery model shifts.

A well-designed SaaS application is scalable, secure, multi-renter-efficient, and configurable.

We understand these application architecture drivers and can help you in making critical architecture trade-off decisions that can have long term impact on technology and business scalability. Our experience in business model and architecture consulting architecting and deploying Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for its customers across the globe. Best practices identified by our expert architects have helped customers successfully architect and deploy robust service-oriented solutions.

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