Non-Functional Testing

Non-functional testing services are designed to evaluate the readiness of your system according to several criteria not covered by functional testing.

Our range of non-functional testing services include:

Integration Testing

The objective is to ensure that every component system, from source to destination interacts seamlessly with other components.

Compatibility Testing

This ensures that a product works as per specifications with a set of other applications in a specific operating environment. Our team maps various hardware and software versions against which the software is to be tested, categorizes combinations based on priority and develops a compatibility test plan.

Platform testing

The software testing is carried out across a wide variety of operating systems, browsers, databases and hardware.

User acceptance testing (UAT)

The application being developed/implemented must adhere to the requirements of the user. Our UAT services provide a final feedback mechanism before go live stage. Test engineers develop User Requirements Specifications and test cases that bring in the user perspective, whether the users are internal to organization or the public in general

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