Program and Project Office Implementation

One of the greatest challenges that companies face in making the move to an organizational approach to project management is the creation of an effective, valued and strong Project Management Office.

We provide a blueprint and roadmap for rapidly defining and implementing a world-class Project Management Office within your organization.

Our PMO Implementation methodology provides support for the key dimensions of building and developing your Project Management Office capability, including:

  • Definition of the role and purpose of a PMO in a project organization
  • Identification of the roles, responsibilities, procedures and processes associated with the performance of a PMO
  • Essential templates, tools and guidelines for performing the functions of a PMO
  • Strategies for identifying, selecting and implementing supporting tools and systems to support and maintain the operations of a PMO

As the end result, the project office function develops, formal controls are put in place, project managers are trained, and risk detection methods evolve into prevention opportunities.

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