Oracle Entitlements Server(OES)

Oracle Entitlements Server simplifies and externalizes application-level security management by removing security decisions from the applications and creating a unified policy administration system. The solution can manage complex entitlement policies with a standalone server or with a distributed approach that embeds information at the application level. Oracle Entitlements Server enhances business agility, improves IT efficiency, and ensures consistent, transparent and traceable security policy management.

How can Aarisha help

Aarisha Inc. has partnered with multiple customers to integrate Oracle Entitlements Server with a wide range of custom .NET, Java, and web services applications, utilizing multiple authorization models and standards, including XACML, ABAC, RBAC, JAAS, ACLS and OpenAZ. By leveraging OES as a security enforcement layer for both Consumer (Extranet) and Employee (Intranet) portals, our customers benefit from a centralized entitlements service for all in-scope applications, databases and middleware.

Our customers have been able to deploy new applications faster and reduce application development resources dramatically by externalizing authorization outside application security code. Standardizing on OES also enables organizations to adhere to corporate security and compliance mandates by centralizing auditing and reporting for all in-house applications. Oracle Entitlements Server also extends to the database, many of our customers have wanted to extend fine-grained entitlements management to the database, incorporating Oracle Virtual Private Database (VPD) policies into Oracle Entitlement Servers policy cache, so OES can automate VPD SQL scripts and enact row-level security (RLS) for various database tables.

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