Extract Transform & Load (ETL)

Data can appear in many formats (tables, csv, spreadsheet, data formats) and be stored in a variety of methods (RDBMS, MS Excel, flat file). Quite often the data needs to be loaded or transformed between these different formats or storage methods.

We have expertise with many Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) tools that we use to integrate data from disparate sources and deliver coordinated performance management across your organization. Publish/Subscribe, advanced data merging, aggregation and transformation capabilities of these tools helps us integrate data from different sources, and transform it into information using best-practices dimensional design. Metadata describes the integration rules and allows faster integration with OLAP & Reporting suites.

While commercial software can be very important, a large percentage of today's environments still employ custom coding to transform and move data into the warehouse or budget and planning application. Custom coding is a cost effective means for initial deployment, and since database vendors continue to package light-weight data extraction software with their offerings, it promises to remain viable alternative.

Besides custom coding, we have extensive consulting experience with various ETL products including:

  • Business Objects Data Integrator
  • Cognos DecisionStream
  • Hyperion Data Integration Services
  • IBM WebSphere DataStage TX
  • Informatica PowerMart
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Transformation Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB)
  • SeeBeyond eGate Integrator

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