Microsoft Azure IoT

Microsoft Azure is a great platform for IoT applications. It supports functionalities like real-time insight, predictive analysis and preventive maintenance by allowing to create an entirely innovative business model based on IoT.

The Azure IoT suite is a Microsoft Azure cloud service that offers reliable and secure device and cloud messaging attributes that scales to millions of devices. The required efforts are minimal in order to achieve the scalability of the existing application. This happens without rewriting or reworking with Microsoft Azure platform. The Azure IoT suite has a concept of Azure Stream Analytics to process massive information generated by sensors in real-time.

Aarisha can provide you with appropriate strategies and assistance in developing IoT applications using Microsoft Azure Suite.

Azure IoT plastform features include:

  • Device shadowing
  • A rules engine
  • Identity registry
  • Information monitoring

Aarisha team is highly capable when it comes to developing IoT based applications using Microsoft Azure Platform. We have a deep understanding of the working, implementing and integration with Microsoft Azure suite with the existing or new IoT applications. Aarisha also carries a vast experience in working with other Microsoft technologies which allow us to integrate Azure IoT applications with them.

Azure IoT Services

Build robust IoT Solutions using Managed and Platform Services

IoT enables enterprises to evolve their operations, launch new products, and improve customer experiences through connected devices to fuel innovation, create new revenue streams, minimize costs, and drive digital transformation.

Aarisha's IoT services comprise Strategic Consulting, Platform, Firmware & Application Development, Edge Deployment, Predictive and non-predictive data analytics, enabling enterprises to connect devices and analyze device data to accelerate time to market and tap new revenue streams.

Aarisha's experience IoT consultants have provided IoT consulting services and developed IoT solutions across various domains, enabling customers to transform business needs into competitive differentiators. Cambay provides comprehensive IoT services from consulting to platform development to application development and uniquely positioned to help you enhance efficiency, reduce operating and maintenance costs.

IoT Consulting

IoT is one of the most impactful disruptive forces to the way enterprises are shaping the future. Whether you are in the midst of your IoT journey or already making way to turn this disruption into a fruitful business transformation, our IoT consulting services help customers capitalize on IoT capability in the longer run, not just for tomorrow.

Our IoT Consulting Services include:

  • Requirement induction and analysis
  • IoT busines use case identifications.
  • Business process modeling with technology, process, and security consulting
  • Data capture
  • Deployment consulting - Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid
  • Firmware design
  • Edge solution, Implementing PoC/MVP

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