Data Center Migration to Azure

Cloud adoption is on the perpetual rise with its increased efficiency, improved security, and cost savings. A well-monitored, precise, and transparent Data Center migration has the potential to change the overall performance of the organization. Our comprehensive roadmap helps to provide robust transformation services.

Aarisha's, with its Azure integration services, APIs, serverless computing, and cognitive services, helps you build, deploy, and manage infrastructure and applications. We evaluate your existing cloud landscape and provide an innovative strategy that best fits your business needs. Partner with Aarisha and fast-track your cloud journey that escalates your business'pace.

Aarisha's consultants can help you Plan & Migrate your Complete Data Center to the Azure Cloud infrastructure; giving you the ability to manage everything from a single Web Page You will not have to worry about another hardware upgrade or a hurricane resulting in a power loss; only pay for what you use and when you use it.

Aarisha leverage purpose-built tools, deployment automation frameworks, proven and audited processes, and experience drawn from hundreds of successful datacenter migrations to successfully plan your cloud strategy and deployment to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

Envision cloud enabled transformation, and develop a bi-modal cloud strategy with an incremental adoption roadmap.

Assessment & Migration Planning

Assess IT portfolio, cloud migration feasibility, readiness & risk to develop an outcome-driven migration catalog and plan.

Cost & Economic Analysis

Analyze economics and develop financial model including TCO, ROI and cost-benefit from a cloud migration.

Architecture & Platform Deployment

Establish core architectural foundation to build and deploy highly resilient Microsoft Azure environments.

Network & Connectivity

Build secure, reliable network topologies with seamless connectivity between cloud, datacenters and remote-sites

Cloud Data Protection & Recovery

Implement backup and data protection for your cloud workloads with a robust recovery framework for business continuity.

Application & Data Migration

Execute incremental migration of applications while assuring high performance, security, compliance and cost control.

ERP & Critical Workload Migration

Migrate complex and business critical workloads and systems like ERPs, large databases, etc. with minimal risk or downtime.

Security & Compliance

Implement battle-tested security and compliance frameworks to defend critical workloads, data, and assets in the cloud.

Optimization & Automation

Apply non-disruptive optimization and automation to enable scalable, high-fidelity, on-demand cloud infrastructure.

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