Azure Machine Learning

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Azure Machine learning is a Python-based machine learning service and it can be accessed from any Python development environment. It simplifies and accelerates the building, training, and deployment of your machine learning models, seamlessly deploying to the cloud and the edge with one click. With automated machine learning capabilities, data scientists can build models faster. DevOps for machine learning also enables data scientists and developers to enhance productivity with experiment tracking, model management, and monitoring, reduce costs with autoscaling compute and integrated CI/CD, and machine learning pipelines. Models can be deployed and managed in the cloud, on-premises and the edge.

Azure Machine Learning is the cloud-based service model that gives Enterprises the ease to integrate Data Analytics solutions with AI capabilities on the go. The model is self-intuitive and enables one to build AI applications faster and easier. The beauty of this platform is the fact that it can gel with any or all kinds of products and offers the flexibility to deploy feature-rich models at a pace faster than ever.

What are the benefits of Azure machine learning?

Increase your rate of experimentation build and train models faster with automated machine learning, autoscaling cloud compute, and built-in DevOp. Use Azure Machine Learning service from any Python environment and with your favorite frameworks and tools. Deploy models into production faster in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge. Seamlessly integrate with the rest of the Azure portfolio. Improve enterprise readiness with Azure security, compliance features, and virtual network support.

Aarisha offers drag-and-drop features. It simplifies the process of building, testing and deploying models for customers who prefer a visual versus coding experience.

Aarisha can easily import training data and fine tune the results.ex: excel, csv, tsv, blob etc. Its also imports R and python prebuild models.

Azure Machine Learning offers a cloud-based predictive analysis service for rapid processing, analysis, predictions which can be utilized for creating and deploying predictive models as an analytics solutions. With Azure Digital Twin, the platform can visualize, predict and optimize asset operations through a true physical-digital convergence and realize faster ROI.

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