AWS Cloud Migration

Many enterprises have their applications still running from datacenters. However, when these enterprises choose to migrate from datacenters to Cloud infrastructure, Aarisha is here to offer a seamless transition with a range of services to help them in AWS cloud migration.

Aarisha being an AWS migration partners aims to deliver innovation through Agile Cloud adoption strategy and be a part of Enterprises' cloud journey. Our rich consulting experience in AWS migration services allow us to frame a road map for existing IT real estates and come up with captivating solutions.

Accelerate cloud adoption to elevate your business to next level by achieving better agility, scalability, flexibility. If you're looking forward to begin your application cloud migration process, we will help you do it smoothly with proper guideline and roadmap. Our Cloud migration services focuses on leveraging the best approaches to support you in all stages of migration from scratch through the end and ensure uninterrupted transition.

Our cloud migration solutions enable your organization to reduce physical resource requirements, expenditures and increase productivity. With proven methodologies and approaches, our services will help you build suitable solutions for your business needs.

To leverage the growth of business with minimal capex, corporates are largely adopting the public cloud to host their applications, processes and infrastructure. Aarisha offers Amazon Web Services (AWS) services to allow organizations move to the cloud with high agility and low cost, yet have a completely secure IT infrastructure.

Aarisha offers AWS System Integration and AWS Managed Services. Our AWS Migration Solutions offer you simple, robust and scalable cloud services along with business agility and IT benefits. Our services include:

AWS Migration Consulting

Aarisha's AWS migration experts provide you expert guidance in:

  • Consulting on buying new AWS products and services to suit your technical and business requirements
  • Consulting on optimizing existing AWS products and configuration to meet your specific needs
    • One on one support for getting answers to your general questions related to AWS resources and services
    • Back-up BCP and DR process audits
    • AWS Spend Analysis
    • Suggesting alternatives to reduce the cost

Moving Applications In Cloud

New Applications : Develop new applications for cloud and for all public facing applications.

Existing Applications : Build business case for migration for shortlisted application, data migration planning, technical and functional assessment, testing production readiness, cloud monitoring support and performance optimization, spend and performance optimization.

Existing Data/Processes : Cold storage back-up, hot back-up, zero downtime, extension of datacenter.

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