Oracle Virtual Directory

The Benefits of Oracle Virtual Directory

Oracle Virtual Directory simplifies the environment and helps deliver the IT promise of compliance, cost reduction and accelerated application deployment. Specifically, the benefits include:

  • Reduced need for data synchronization and identity stores resulting in significantly simplified identity infrastructure
  • Accelerated application deployment by eliminating problems around access to identity information
  • Ease the pain of directory consolidations or directory data changes by abstracting applications from the source directories
  • Quick and high Return on Investment (ROI) as OVD is easy to deploy and leverage existing identity stores

Oracle Virtual Directory provides internet and industry standard LDAP and XML views of existing enterprise identity information, without synchronizing or moving data from its native locations. Aarisha Inc. provides custom solution by implementing Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Virtual Directory at the customer site to :

  • Provide an industry-standard identity management solution in compliance with best practices.
  • Create a supportable and upgradeable solution to integrate with other applications.
  • Centralize, manage and automate user accounts.
  • Enable managers and auditors to effectively audit employee's access and transactions.
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining a custom-built solution.

Quick and High Return on Investment

With OVD, organizations are able to leverage existing identity stores and do not require any additional storage. In addition, OVD is very simple to install and configure. Because OVD allows organizations to re-use existing identity sources and provides application specific views it provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced need for data synchronization
  • Accelerate the time needed to deploy new applications
  • Ease the pain of directory consolidation
  • Quick and high Return on Investment

The Oracle Virtual Directory provides a real-time view of identity data stored in respositories such as directories and databases, which provides a common and consistent format for applications. By utilizing Oracle Virtual Directory, Aarisha Inc eliminated the need for a new directory, neutralizing the associated political questions - What data should a new directory include? Who will manage it? And more importantly, who will fund it?

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