Cloud Readiness Assesment

Cloud readiness planning is essential for an organization considering a Cloud Application implementation. Insufficient planning and lack of clearly defined business cases remain top reasons that Cloud implementations fail. The planning for a major Cloud project can be tedious

If you're facing any of the following questions, Aarisha consulting services can help guide you through the process.

What app should I move to the cloud?

What infrastructure design for cloud?

  • Database in private cloud?
  • Web server in public cloud?
  • Hybrid / secure gateway to connect public, private, on premise applications?

What cloud matches my need?

  • Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, AWS, Microsoft, Private?
  • What are the right: Features, Packaging, Pricing?

How do I provision and orchestrate to different clouds?

  • How do I read these bills? Are they accurate? How do I manage these contracts? Pricing keeps changing!
  • How can I get a business support system that allows me to manage my business objectives and provide decision support?
  • I need a multi-level public, private, or hybrid cloud integration with my existing IT and financial management systems and investments.

Aarisha's Cloud Applications Readiness Assessment streamlines project planning while maximizing results. We will determine if you're ready for the Cloud, and if you aren't, what you need to do to get there.

What You Get

During the Cloud Readiness Assessment, our cloud experts assess your organization's overall cloud readiness and provide a report and remedial plans for:

  • Cloud proficiency and knowledge gaps
  • IT environment readiness gaps
  • Cloud computing best practice and methodology readiness gaps
  • Business and IT organizational readiness gaps
  • Infrastructure, capacity and performance management
  • Security and compliance

Services Offered

  • Cloud advisory, migration assessment & adoption strategy
  • Infrastructure consolidation assessment
  • Application portfolio assessment (business process, compliance, technology, processes, etc.)
  • Business case and TCO analysis

Key Features

  • Cloud agnostic application assessment framework
  • Automated data discovery, along with dependency mapping
  • Define your target environment, with multiple analysis dimensions
  • Recommed migration path, with factory-based migration model

Business Benefits

  • Reduces time to assess an application for cloud readiness by 60%
  • Reduces time for business case and cloud cost analysis by 40%
  • Aligns the cloud computing strategy with business strategy
  • Roadmap recommendations for cloud, through focused business cases
  • Quantitative assessment
  • Best practices, tools and frameworks, giving a detailed map of migration opportunities

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