Discussion Services

Oracle WebCenter is the user engagement platform for social business, delivering connectivity between people and information. WebCenter Suite enables enterprises to improve customer loyalty with targeted websites, while enhancing productivity with contextual collaboration. It increases business agility with intuitive portals, composite applications, mash-ups and offers seamless access to the right information in context.

The Discussions service exposes discussion forums to application pages, so users can create forums, post questions and search for answers. For example, customers can share product reviews, or a customer service department can answer questions online. Discussion forums additionally provide the means to preserve and revisit discussions.

The back-end discussions server manages content in a hierarchy. At the top of the hierarchy are categories, below that are forums, and then topics. Within each topic are messages, and messages can be nested within messages. Where categories are exposed in the application, authorized users can create multiple forums within a given scope and multiple topics under those forums. Where categories are not exposed, authorized users can create multiple topics under one forum within a given scope.

With the Discussions service, the followings can be achieved:

  • Create a new discussion forum or a new topic
  • Navigate into a forum from a list of available forums
  • Edit, reply to, or delete an existing discussion forum, topic, or message
  • View the number of replies for a topic on the main forum view
  • Drill into a topic to read all replies by clicking the topic name

We have a team of WebCenter consultants that are well versed in the WebCenter technologies, including the installation, configuration, and security. With the engagement of the Aarisha team, your will deploy the WebCenter technologies quickly, and the right way the first time.

The discussion services are securely and seamlessly integrated to webcenter portal, wencenter content and secure enterprise search for searching within forums. The integration is achieved at enterprise level which includes all the Identity Management Infrastructure as the backbone of the implementation.

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