Application Server Administration

Aarisha has expertise in major products like Oracle Application Server, IBM WebSphere, BEA Weblogic, MS IIS, JBoss, on various platforms.

Application Server Basic

Architecture and design, installations, enhancements, patches, monitoring, rebuilding, backup/recovery, Clustering (Scalability, High Availability and Grid Computing), Cloning, capacity planning, SSL Support, production support, performance tuning, development support, troubleshooting.

Application Server Infrastructure

  • Integration of your Single Sign On (SSO) Server with third party LDAP
  • Clustering of SSO and LDAP with Active-Active or cold failover scenario
  • SSO implementation of in-house and external applications
  • Implementing Window Native Authentication and MS Active Directory Integration
  • Integration of various LDAP server for a Single Source of User Authentication and Authorization
  • LDAP Administration and Maintenance
  • Implementing Security Tokens

Application Server Portal

  • Quickly build, administer, and deploy enterprise portals that are standards driven, scalable, secure, and dynamic
  • Build custom portlets using Vendor APIs or Standards e.g. JSR168
  • Portletize your in-house applications as well as external applications
  • Upgrade, Migration, Backup, Cross Platform Deployment, etc.
  • Integration of various Portal servers to form a Single Enterprise Portals

Application Server Content Management and Integration

  • Self Service Content Management and Publishing
  • WebDAV and Desktop Integration
  • Content Searching and Indexing
  • Content Integration Solutions

Application Server Middle Ware

  • UDDI Service Registry
  • Business Rules
  • B2B Integration

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