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Data Mining

Data mining is a process which identifies official, original, potentially useful, and ultimately understandable knowledge from web sites which is used to make essential business decisions. Data mining is a product that cannot be bought but Data mining can be said as a discipline and process that should be mastered. Data mining can be said as distilling useful consumer data.

We carry out research and consultation to turn an organization's data into useful information and knowledge about their customers and business processes. The existing data and nature of data mining task decides the use of specific Data mining technique in a specific condition.

The main part of our data mining involves analysis of data and the use of software techniques in order to find patterns and regularities in sets of data. First a set of data is analyzed, and then a method is used to develop a best possible representation of the structure of the data during which the time knowledge is acquired. After acquiring the knowledge it can be extended to larger sets of data with the statement that the larger data set will have a structure similar to sample data.

We have extensive consulting experience with various Data Mining products including:

  • Cognos Scenario
  • SAS Enterprise Miner
  • SAP BW
  • Clementine
  • SPSS/AnswerTree
  • DB2 Intelligent Miner
  • Oracle Data Mining and Oracle Data Miner

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