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Oracle Security Governer(OSG)

Oracle Security Governor is a unique, comprehensive security governance solution that provides healthcare organizations with both retrospective and proactive detection and prevention of security and privacy breaches. Oracle Security Governorís risk monitoring capabilities, through the use of analytics and reporting, provide complete visibility into data and application access and suspicious insider activity, which help to meet regulatory compliance needs.

Patient confidentiality is the biggest growing concern today for healthcare organizations. The availability of electronic health records and the ability to access these records using various devices without any geographic limitation have significant security implications. Further, compliance with government regulations can be time consuming and cost-intensive. In order to address these concerns, healthcare providers must implement solutions that provide secure access to clinical applications and protect the underlying IT infrastructure from misuse by insiders and identity thieves. Such a solution must be scalable and reusable in a healthcare IT environment that is typically complex and heterogeneous.

Oracle Security Governor helps deliver significant benefits to a healthcare organization. Some of these benefits include:

  • Historical Detection: that can be used as audit trails and for detection of suspicious activities related to access, privacy, fraud and security breaches, that have taken place in the past.
  • Real Time Detection: Oracle Security Governor can also be used to detect suspicious and fraudulent activity in the real time.
  • Real Time Prevention: Oracle Security Governor can prevent suspicious activities in the real time. The activities detected as anomalous or suspicious can either be completely blocked or the end-user can be alerted or required to meet additional security requirements, depending on the deployment needs.

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